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Why We Need Driver's Ed for Smartphones
October 28, 2019
7:00 PM ET

Join Action Network Live as Dr. Sharon Maxwell and Chelsea Maxwell talk teens, tech, and empowering young people to resist the attention economy! They'll discuss how kids and teens are affected by the ubiquity of smartphones, devices that have been designed without their wellbeing in mind. Whether your child already has a smartphone, or you’re preparing for that day, this event will help you equip young people with the tools they need to develop a strong sense of self in the digital age. 

The Maxwells will discuss:

  • What it means for kids to have endless entertainment and distraction at any time of the day

  • Why some teens are “understanding themselves to be more product than person”

  • How we can help children and teens determine what is really important or worth their time – both IRL and online

  • How teaching kids about their own brains can help them resist Big Tech’s attempts to manipulate them

Dr. Sharon Maxwell is a practicing clinical psychologist, specializing in adolescent and family therapy. Her daughter Chelsea Maxwell, EdM, is an educator, learning designer, and lecturer. Together, they offer parents and educators practical ways to help children successfully navigate the world of media technology through workshops, presentations, and curricula.

After the discussion, Chelsea and Sharon will answer audience questions. We hope you’ll join us!

PS Can't attend live? No problem! If you register for the webinar, you'll receive a link to the recording as soon as it is available.

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